The Elsewhere Ensemble

The Elsewhere Ensemble was officially created in 2012 with the concerts: Invocation and “Un tour du monde en musique” given at the summer festival at the Château de Machy near Lyon, France. The ensemble was named and officially created in 2012, but the creation of the group was born out of longtime collaborations. Many of the works involved mixing theatre and concert, text and music, actors and musicians. Past works include Chekhov Triptych – three Chekhov stories in concert, “Mozart & The Happy Prince” (words and music around Mozart and Oscar Wilde), “The Velveteen Rabbit” – a concert for children. These pieces have been performed in Paris, Lyon, New York and Boston in both French and English. The Ensemble is currently working on a new project HIs Majesty, the Devil – a play with music”.  Colin Pip Dixon and Arnaud Ghillebaert are the founding members of the ensemble. Other collaborators include English pianist Robert Thompson, Japanese-Palestinian singer Mariam Tamari, French actor Dominque Rozan (Chevalier des Arts et Lettres, formerly of La Commédie Française), american actor MacIntyre Dixon, and Armenian-American pianist Ivy Zohra Adrian.

elsewhere ensemble2

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