Soprano Wanted

We are looking for a new soprano for this project because after having lived in Paris, France for many years, I have recently moved back to New York City. The soprano we worked with originally is still living in Paris and involved in other projects so we’re currently looking for someone based in the New York City area.

We are looking for someone who resonates deeply with the theme of the piece and the texts that are chosen…

Someone who is questioned by violence and the search for peace in the world and in their own lives…

Someone who is touched by the work of Martin Luther King and Gandhi…

Someone who believes that faith should bring us together rather than tear us apart…

Approaching this project with a spirit of adventure, we don’t really know where it will lead us. The overwhelming response we got from the preview performances in France lead us to believe there is an audience and future for this work and we are excited to invest ourselves in this project over time and see where it leads us. We hope to find someone who shares a desire to work in this way. We also hope to find someone who really enjoys working together and loves the intricate interweaving and listening of making chamber music together.

Technical precisions:

The score is technically challenging and calls for a lyric soprano, a luminous voice with rich dramatic colors.

The soprano part range is:


Much of the part is written in the middle/upper register (from A to G)

The piece asks for strong rhythmic and pitch autonomy because the violin and viola parts are often written as other solo parts, or more like a trio with the soprano rather than as accompanying parts.

There is about 35/40 minutes of singing in an hour-long concert, with three instrumental interludes.

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