From the prestigious French cultural review ETUDES on Suite Khamush – composed and performed by Colin Pip Dixon and Eveline Causse:

“Admirable music… both ancient and new, contemporary and traditional, clear yet passionate, with rough, sensual and transparent sounds. […] The words disappear in the breeze of the notes, becoming both confession and prayer.” 

Jean Mambrino

November 2003

Complete Review in French

*     *     *
About Colin Pip Dixon’s interpretation of Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata:

“When the young violinist Colin Pip Dixon introduced the Kreuzer Sonata by reminding us that its dedicatee had declined ever to attempt the piece on the grounds that it was unplayable, then proceeded to play the bejesus out of it, […] surely Beethoven was well served.

The thrilling connection they made with a small handful of music-lovers on those two memorable nights rendered them worthy present-day votaries to the same muse that inspired Handel and Beethoven so many years ago.”


Senior Editor, Opera News

(magazine of the Metropolitan Opera)

November 1st, 2010

Complete Review

*     *     *

From The Dole Newspaper (France) for Mozart & The Happy Prince:

“Two violins, a narrator, and a chateau: Magic in the making. The Chateau let itself be lulled by the melodies of Dixon and Mozart”

Local critic, August 2007


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