About the Work

INVOCATION is a piece for soprano, violin, and viola in three parts which lasts a little over an hour. The piece was composed by Colin Pip Dixon in 2012 and the chosen texts are all sung in English. The piece is composed of poems, prayers and writings from different religions and cultures all touching on – directly or indirectly – the question of peace and violence.

Part I

  1. Hear My Prayer (with an excerpt from the Bertrand Russell-Albert Einstein Manifesto)
  2. Interlude (instrumental)
  3. Instrument of Peace (Prayer of St. Francis)
  4. May We See the Day (18th century Jewish Prayer)

Part II

  1. Muslim Prayer (Rabia Terri Harris, Muslim Peace Fellowship New York)
  2. Interlude (instrumental)
  3. Cry of the Wild (Adapted from a text by Captain Paul Watson, Co-founder of Greenpeace)

Part III

  1. Interlude (instrumental)
  2. Secret Treasure (Rumi, Persian poet from the 13th century)
  3. Dalai Lama’s Prayer (one of the Dalai Lama’s favorite prayers)
  4. Love/Hate (adapted from Martin Luther King, Jr. talks)
  5. Hear My Prayer (reprise)

The piece was performed in two “preview” performances at the Château de Machy in France (near Lyon) and was very well received by a very diverse, intimate audience.

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